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Cladding options: For NZ homes

Benefits of Palliside:

Cladding Option Questions

What sort of look do you want?
How much are you prepared to spend?
How much future maintenance is acceptable to you?

Typically there are 6 cladding options:

1. Palliside

A low-maintenance pre-finished weatherboard system. Provides the look of traditional timber weatherboards with natural shadow-lines and definition.
It's got a 25 year coating guarantee against fading, so it doesn't require repainting.
Emulates the 1960s villa look.

2. Linea

Cement, fibre based product.
Suitable when darker colours are required.
Slow to install because it's heavy, needs to be cut with a diamond saw and can't be nailed (requires drilling instead).

3. Brick

Used for centuries.
Has high durability and is low maintenance.
Not suitable in earthquake prone areas or on steep, difficult sites (as piles are required to hold the bricks up).

4. Timber

Classic NZ cladding with a heritage look.
Can paint any colour you like.
Is high maintenance (requires repainting).

5. Monolithic

Fibre cement plaster system.
Low cost of material and labour to install.
Was vogue, but is the culprit for leaky homes as it's prone to micro cracking.

6. Polystyrene based

Less prone to cracking and has good insulation properties.
Can be mistakenly associated with leaky homes as it has the same appearance as fibre cement.

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Cladding Options

There are typically 6 cladding options available. Taylor Superclad can help you evaluate your needs and suggest a solution to best suit your needs.


Weatherboard Installation

Taylor Superclad follow a 5 part installation process ensuring high quality service that will attain the longevity of your weatherboards.


Leaky Home Recladding

Taylor Superclad will deal directly with an architect who initiates the leaky home recladding process on behalf of the home owner.


Palliside Cladding

Palliside cladding are cost effective, require minimal installation and are low maintenance with a whopping 25 years gaurantee against fading!


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