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Leaky home recladding: The 6-step process


  1. The building owner engages an architect/architectural designer to redesign the house.

  2. The architect/architectural designer:
    1. Draws up the drawings relevant to leaky home recladding.
    2. Puts the plan out to builders to tender.

  3. The builder:
    1. Goes to the sub contractors for tenders (windows, roofing, timber, plumbing, electrical etc). 
      Please note, most leaky houses aren't solely reclad, they're actually renovated (due the water damage in the framing etc).
    2. Takes the existing cladding off.

  4. The timber frames are exposed so the council can come and outline the process required for leaky home recladding.

  5. The building surveyor assesses what needs to happen to bring the building into line with the new building code, and surveys the leaky home recladding process at regular intervals.

  6. The leaky home recladding begins and is completed. 

Please note,Taylor Superclad will only supply palliside weatherboards for "leaky homes" and can install once house is ready for new weatherboards. We do not specialise in the remedial process however we can advise you and recommend several companies with expertise in this field.


Why palliside is the ideal leaky home recladding:

  1. Generally people want something completely different and palliside weatherboards haven't been involved in leaky home problems.

  2. Speed is of the essence so leaky home recladding needs to happen fast, especially if the home is occupied.

  3. Because palliside doesn't need painting, scaffolding can come down and tarpaulins can come off really quickly (there is a daily hire charge for scaffolding).

  4. You never have to have the whole house enveloped in expensive plastic wrapping.

  5. Future-proofing a house sale - people have no questions about palliside weatherboards, as they know there won't be any problems that require future leaky home recladding.


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Cladding Options

There are typically 6 cladding options available. Taylor Superclad can help you evaluate your needs and suggest a solution to best suit your needs.


Weatherboard Installation

Taylor Superclad follow a 5 part installation process ensuring high quality service that will attain the longevity of your weatherboards.


Leaky Home Recladding

Taylor Superclad will deal directly with an architect who initiates the leaky home recladding process on behalf of the home owner.


Palliside Cladding

Palliside cladding are cost effective, require minimal installation and are low maintenance with a whopping 25 years gaurantee against fading!


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