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What are the benefits for using Taylor Superclad?
We've been in the contracting business since 1974, so we know exactly what's required to get the job done and make your life easier. We've got significant knowledge and manpower so you'll have the confidence that we'll give you solutions no matter what.
What are the different types of cladding options for NZ homes?
We specialise in palliside which is a low-maintenance pre-finished weatherboard system that provides the look of traditional timber weatherboards with natural shadow-lines and definition, but without the upkeep. Bricks and linear are also low maintenance. High maintenance cladding (i.e. requires painting) is timber, monolithic and polystyrene with plaster over the top.
What level of service will Taylor Superclad offer my project?
We'll price, supply and install Palliside weatherboards.
Do you have a warranty for workmanship?
Yes, we have a 5 year workmanship warranty.
How much does Taylor Superclad cost?
That varies per project, but what we can most assuredly tell you is that we're extremely price competitive. We're also accurate in our pricing and consistent - so you'll find us a reliable partner to deal with.
What makes Taylor Superclad different from other Palliside suppliers and installers?
Our 20 year industry experience.
Does Taylor Superclad operate nationwide?
Currently we service the greater Auckland region.
What are the benefits of cladding with Palliside?

There are 5 major benefits:

  1. Low maintenance
    palliside weatherboards resist denting and chipping and never need painting (the pigment in the paint is guaranteed against fading for 25 years).

  2. Speed
    palliside weatherboards require no puttying up of nail holes or priming and painting, which means that the lower roof goes on faster (reducing the time the timber framing is exposed to the elements).

  3. Cost effective
    palliside weatherboards are similarly priced to painted timber weatherboards (but with significantly less maintenance costs i.e. repainting).

  4. NZ made
    palliside weatherboards are designed and engineered in NZ and are independently tested for our local climatic conditions (and any warranty problem is backed up by a NZ company).

  5. Legal
    palliside weatherboards has the local authorities cladding seal of approval.
What is the process for leaky homes?

It's a 6-step process:

  1. The building owner engages an architect/architectural designer to redesign the house.
  2. The architect/architectural designer:
    1. Draws up the drawings relevant to leaky home recladding.
    2. Puts the plan out to builders to tender.
  3. The builder:
    1. Goes to the sub contractors for tenders (windows, roofing, timber, plumbing, electrical etc).
      1. Please note, most leaky houses aren't solely reclad, they're actually renovated (due the water damage in the framing etc).
      2. Takes the existing cladding off.
  4. The timber frames are exposed so the council can come and outline the process required for leaky home recladding.
  5. The building surveyor assesses what needs to happen to bring the building into line with the new building code, and surveys the leaky home recladding process at regular intervals.
  6. The leaky home recladding begins and is completed.
What does Taylor Superclad do?
We work out the quantities, price correctly for material, complete an excellent job and bill competitively.
How long does the installation take?
Generally no longer than 7 days, but it can take longer if we have to start and then come back. Full house 5-7 days. Top level 3-4 days.
Are palliside weatherboards competitively priced?
Costs are similar to unpainted pine weatherboards but remember that no painting is required.
Does Palliside have a written guarantee?
Yes the pigment in the Palliside paint is guaranteed against fading for 25 years.
Do you provide a code of Compliance Certificate?
A Code Compliance Certificate is provided for all Palliside contracts supplied and installed by Taylor Superclad Ltd.
Are colour matched down pipes available?
Yes, 80mm round downpipes are available in all the standard Palliside colours.
Can palliside be repainted?
Yes, but provided that the repaint colour is no darker than the original.
Where can I obtain the technical drawings of the palliside cladding system for incorporating into my plan?
What is the palliside cladding thickness for giving to my aluminium joiner?
You should allow 26mm for the Palliside system and a further 2mm for the window protector wrap. If it is to be installed on a cavity add 22mm.
If I want to arrange my own installation, what services can I expect?
We will qualify the Palliside material and give a fixed supply only price, we will deliver to site and instruct your builder of the correct installation procedure.
If I want a complete supply and install service what service should I expect?
You will be supplied with a fixed price, the Palliside will be installed to the manufacturer's recommendations and the New Zealand building code by an experienced and skilled installer, the installation will be overseen by an experienced supervisor. The workmanship will be guaranteed for 5 years, the materials 25 years and a Code Compliance Certificate will be issued.
How do I obtain a quote?

3 options:

  1. Email your plans to
  2. Post your plans toTaylor Superclad Ltd, P.O. Box 39078,Auckland 2145.
  3. Discuss your plans to arrange for collection by free phoning 0800 021 523.
What is the durability of Palliside?
PVC is the toughest man-made product currently in the marketplace and has been around for 60 years.
What is the colour range for palliside?
There is always a selection of up-to-date fashionable colours.
How much notice do you need to install?
We need at least 3 weeks notice.

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Cladding Options

There are typically 6 cladding options available. Taylor Superclad can help you evaluate your needs and suggest a solution to best suit your needs.


Weatherboard Installation

Taylor Superclad follow a 5 part installation process ensuring high quality service that will attain the longevity of your weatherboards.


Leaky Home Recladding

Taylor Superclad will deal directly with an architect who initiates the leaky home recladding process on behalf of the home owner.


Palliside Cladding

Palliside cladding are cost effective, require minimal installation and are low maintenance with a whopping 25 years gaurantee against fading!


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